Your Frequesntly Asked Questions

This section offers an expansive cross-section of questions that prospects frequently ask about our approach to the art and science of Leadership Development.

Please note that this section will grow as we receive more questions. It intends to become a fully comprehensive Q&A page, and given time, it will become just that.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is a process that helps individuals improve their leadership skills, effectiveness, and performance through personalised guidance and feedback.

What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?

Enhances leadership skills, boosts confidence, improves decision-making, fosters personal growth, and aids in career advancement.

How does Leadership Coaching work?

Typically involves one-on-one sessions with a coach who provides tailored advice, sets goals, and offers actionable strategies to overcome challenges.

Who can benefit from Leadership Coaching?

Leaders at all levels benefit, including entry-level managers, mid-level professionals, senior executives, and aspiring leaders.

What topics are covered in Leadership Coaching?

Essential skills include communication, delegation, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, team management, and personal development.

How to choose the Right Leadership Coach?

Look for qualifications, experience, coaching style, and compatibility with your personal and professional goals.

How long does Leadership Coaching last?

The duration varies, ranging from hours to a few months to a year or more, depending on the individual’s needs and goals.

What is the cost of Leadership Coaching?

Our costs can vary based on the length of the coaching program, and the specific services provided. All services are negotiable and are project-dependent.

How to measure the effectiveness of Coaching

The effectiveness can be measured through goal achievement, performance improvements, feedback from peers and subordinates, and personal satisfaction.

How do I Get Started with Leadership Coaching?

Contact oXx-e-Gen for a consultation to discuss your needs and goals and how our coaching programs can help you succeed.

What is your Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders Program is a tier-based approach focusing on the specific needs of four levels of management: entry-level management, established managers, senior managers, and c-suite managers.

It is a progressive program that guides managers at their respective levels and introduces them to the next stage in their career progression. The Program is twelve months with over 200 hours of engagement at each level.