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Adaptable Leadership: Meeting the Demands of Changing Contexts and Cultures

As a leadership coach, I understand leadership is a challenging and rewarding path that requires overcoming fears and managing high expectations. It calls for a focused approach to guide others towards shared goals with vision and enthusiasm while addressing the complexities inherent in diverse leadership roles with wisdom and courage. The effectiveness of leadership styles varies greatly depending on the situation, from traditional hierarchies in stable environments to innovative and adaptive methods in dynamic contexts. Whether it’s collaborative, adaptive, or transformative leadership, choosing the right style is crucial and should be based on the unique needs of the situation and the team. Additionally, corporate culture and the cultural backgrounds of team members significantly influence leadership approaches.

In my role, I facilitate the development of situational awareness and adaptability in leaders, enabling them to align their style with organizational values and team dynamics. Through my coaching, leaders gain the skills and insight needed to navigate diverse environments effectively, making them more adept at influencing and inspiring their teams, thereby elevating their leadership impact.

What We Do

My leadership coaching services offer an interactive and personalised approach, guiding you through self-discovery. Together, we will identify your strengths and pinpoint areas for growth, elevating your leadership to the next level.

A crucial aspect of my methodology is accountability. Real progress stems from setting goals and wholeheartedly committing to them. I assist in developing a practical action plan tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your objectives are both ambitious and achievable.

This plan includes measurable results, allowing us to track your progress meticulously. Throughout our journey, I will be there to support you, offering guidance and feedback. If we need to adjust our course or strategy, I will efficiently navigate these changes with you.

My role is to catalyse your growth and success, providing the tools, insights, and support needed to excel in your leadership role. Additionally, I integrate technology and process improvement strategies into our sessions, focusing on your industry sector. This approach is designed to drive personal development and transformative change in your organisation, preparing it for the challenges and opportunities of a tech-driven business environment.


  • Personalised Coaching Sessions: Regular one-on-one sessions focusing on personal leadership style, challenges, and growth opportunities.
  • Action Plans: Specific strategies developed to meet personal leadership goals.
  • Skill Development: Enhanced communication, decision-making and team leadership skills.
  • Performance Feedback: Constructive feedback based on observations and assessments.


Enhanced employee engagement
  • Entry Level: “Foundation of Leadership: Equip yourself with the essential skills and knowledge to kickstart your leadership journey.”
  • Mid Level: “Strategic Growth: Enhance your leadership capabilities to drive team success and strategic outcomes.”
  • Senior Level: “Advanced Leadership: Master advanced strategies to lead complex projects and influence organizational direction.”
  • C-suite: “Visionary Excellence: Elevate your leadership to inspire innovation, shape culture, and steer organizational success.”


  • Custom Workshop Agendas: Tailored content to meet the specific needs of the team or organisation.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engaging activities and discussions designed to foster learning and collaboration.
  • Post-Workshop Report: Summary of outcomes, insights gained, and recommended next steps.


  • Leadership Competency Framework: A framework defining key competencies and behaviours for leaders within the organisation.
  • Training Modules: Customised training sessions focusing on crucial leadership skills and knowledge.
  • Mini-Learning: Short mini-learning videos simplifying complex management principles.
  • Community: Join other like-minded emerging leaders once a fortnight to engage in a round table discussion.


Meet Malcolm

Malcolm boasts over four decades of experience in the Information Technology sector, starting his journey in the pivotal era of the 1970s. He has lived and worked in four countries and executed diverse projects in 29 others, spanning sectors from Defense to Event Management. His roles in operations, sales, marketing management, and consulting include working with tech giants like Fujitsu, Programus, and Brooks Automation. In 2014, Malcolm founded the oXx-e-Gen Group of businesses, serving as its leading Business Mentor and Executive Coach.

A staunch advocate for equal opportunities for women, Malcolm’s primary mission is to help business owners, managers, and executives overcome obstacles and grow their businesses while achieving a balanced private life. His unique selling proposition lies in the wealth of experience and knowledge he has gained from international projects across multiple industries.

Specifically focusing on the manufacturing industry, Malcolm suggests technology-driven process improvements, business mentoring, executive coaching, and leadership programs. He firmly upholds the values of authenticity, integrity, and courage. Malcolm aims to bridge the gap between his clients’ aspirations and achievements, using technology as the aligning force. His services are available globally via oXx-e-Gen.

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How do I cultivate digital agility in traditional businesses?

I encourage adaptability, continuous learning, and embracing digital tools and methodologies to cultivate a mindset for digital agility.

How do I enhance strategic foresight in business leaders?

I assist management to develop skills in trend analysis, scenario planning, and forward-thinking, enabling leaders to anticipate and prepare for future challenges.

What is my role in fostering ethical leadership in a tech-dominated landscape?

As a coach, I emphasise moral responsibility, transparency, and integrity in decision-making, fostering ethical leadership in a tech-dominated business landscape.

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Get Started

Let's agree on our relationship.

By working with Malcolm, you agree to a few points that will help our relationship—and your coaching experience—thrive.

  • Open and honest communication
  • Perform agreed upon follow-up work toward goals, including development work which may include reading, doing self-awareness exercises, and more
  • Availability for scheduled meetings on agreed upon regularity
  • Give 24-hour notice if necessary to reschedule, or time will be billed
  • Permission to confront when resistance is evident or other feedback about client’s leadership behaviors
  • Agreement about what information will be shared and with whom
  • Design specific measures for the program, for both leadership development and business results
  • Have regular updates to review results and frankly discuss the effectiveness of the program, like what’s working and not working


My engagements target both the needs of client organisations and individual needs. While the circumstances may vary from engagement to engagement, the following outlines our 6-phase process and framework.

Stage 1: Contracting & Goal Setting

Builds the foundation of success • Clarifies objectives, roles and responsibilities

Stage 2: Assessment & Feedback

Assesses strengths, weaknesses, gaps and impact • Provides assistance interpreting feedback • Determines roadmap for success

Stage 3: Development Planning

Details action plan • Clarifies development process and progress benchmarks • Creates a customised development plan

Stage 4: Stakeholder Engagement

• Gains commitment and support from stakeholders • Builds agreement on developmental priorities • Develops important mentoring relationships

Stage 5: Implementation & Ongoing Planning

• One-on-one coaching with executive and coach • Practices new behaviours and troubleshoots obstacles • Tracks progress in developmental areas

Stage 6: Evaluate & Sustain

• Measures outcomes, sustains progress, strengthens key relationships • Follow-up interviews or 360 assessments are available • Develops action plans, assuring continued results

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adapt my leadership coaching to rapidly changing industries?

I continuously update my knowledge and strategies to stay aligned with industry trends, ensuring that my coaching methods remain practical and relevant in dynamic business environments.

How do I uncover the hidden potential in teams?

I employ various assessment tools and observational techniques to identify and nurture latent talents within teams, helping businesses maximise their collective potential.

How do I incorporate emotional intelligence into leadership development?

In my coaching, I emphasise the development of emotional intelligence as a core component of effective leadership, enhancing empathy, communication, and decision-making skills.

How do I assist in navigating ethical dilemmas in business?

I provide a structured approach to ethical dilemmas, helping leaders align their decisions with their core values and the broader impact on their stakeholders.

How do I contribute to developing a sustainable business model?

I guide leaders in creating strategies that balance profitability with social responsibility, ensuring the business’s long-term sustainability and positive societal impact.

How do I address work-life balance challenges for executives?

I offer personalised strategies to help executives manage their time effectively, set priorities, and establish boundaries for a healthier work-life balance.