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At oXx-e-Gen, we understand the excitement and challenges of stepping into a leadership role for the first time. Our mission is to guide and support you as you transition from an individual contributor to a visionary leader who inspires and motivates teams.

Whether taking on your first managerial role or aspiring to lead, we’re here to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and insights to succeed. You’ll gain the confidence and skills to lead effectively and significantly impact your organisation through personalised coaching, practical resources, and a community of peers and mentors.

Start your leadership journey with us and transform your potential into the performance that propels you and your team towards success.

Ready to lead with confidence? Explore our resources or contact us to discover how we can help you grow into the leader you are meant to be.

Who is this website designed for?

This website is crafted explicitly for emerging leaders who have recently taken on their first managerial role within a company or entrepreneurs navigating the initial stages of founding and developing their first business. The resources provided here, including mini-courses and reference materials, are intended to enhance your performance by offering a comprehensive foundation in management skills, enabling you to build and expand your capabilities effectively.

WHO might find this site less relevant?

This platform may not suit the needs of those who are established in managerial or senior managerial positions. We have developed dedicated platforms specifically for experienced leaders. Please utilise the links below to access a site that is tailored to your advanced experience level, where you can benefit from unique resources and opportunities designed to match your leadership journey:


We have designed the website to be useful for anyone wanting to understand how we at oXx-e-Gen approach the business of Leadership Development. Our approach here is to be transparent and answer the questions we believe you may have come to our website to have answered. Most of your questions and responses are under the FAQ tab (hyperlink). We may not have compiled all your questions, so contact us with those we have not addressed here. We will update the FAQ section with your questions to assist those visiting our site in future.

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Let's Answer Some Questions here:

What is leadership coaching?
  • Leadership coaching is a personalised process that enhances a leader’s capability to achieve short and long-term organisational goals. It’s about unlocking a leader’s potential to maximise their performance.
How can coaching improve measurable results?
  • Coaching can improve quantifiable results by providing targeted strategies for performance enhancement and efficiency improvements and fostering a culture of continuous development.
Can small businesses benefit from coaching?
  • Small businesses can significantly benefit from coaching to navigate challenges, identify growth opportunities, and develop strategies tailored to their unique needs.
How do you measure the success of coaching?

Success is measured through agreed-upon key performance indicators, feedback, and assessments that track progress towards the set goals and objectives.

What is the typical duration of a coaching engagement?
  • Coaching engagements can vary but typically last between 3 to 12 months, depending on the goals and needs of the individual or organisation.
How do you customise your coaching approach?
  • I tailor my approach based on individual or organisational goals, challenges, industry-specific needs, and the unique dynamics of each business and individual.
How often do coaching sessions occur?

Sessions typically occur bi-weekly or monthly, but this can be adjusted to suit individual needs and schedules.

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Enhanced Leadership Skills

One of my core focuses is on improving leadership abilities. By building a strong foundation of trust and creating actionable plans, I guide my clients towards better decision-making and heightened self-awareness.


Strategic Business Planning

I assist in crafting comprehensive business strategies, identifying and leveraging strengths, and mitigating risks. I aim to ensure these strategies are planned and effectively implemented.

Personal And Professional Growth

I believe in the power of leadership coaching to foster both personal and professional development. By identifying areas for improvement, I help clients grow in communication, time management, and conflict resolution.

Cultivating Accountability And Action

At oXx-e-Gen Leadership Coaching, fostering a culture of accountability and decisive action is paramount. I guide my clients in setting realistic goals and following through on their commitments, which is crucial for business success.


Building Trust

The foundation of my coaching relationship is trust. I employ active listening and empathetic communication to truly understand my clients’ perspectives and align our goals.

Understanding Client Needs

I thoroughly assess personal and business needs. This in-depth understanding allows me to provide personalized advice that aligns with the client’s aspirations and organizational goals.

Actionable Plans

I offer tailored advice and practical strategies. My approach involves asking insightful questions to understand various aspects of my client’s business and leadership style, leading to targeted recommendations for improvement.

Challenging Clients To Excel

An essential aspect of my coaching at oXx-e-Gen is inspiring and motivating clients, pushing them to realize their full potential and embracing new opportunities with resilience and a can-do attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I help facilitate a culture of continuous learning in organisations?

I encourage curiosity and open knowledge exchange throughout our time together, promoting continuous personal and professional development to create a learning-oriented organisational culture.

How do I contribute to building a resilient organisational structure?

As a coach, I promote the adoption of flexible and adaptable structures, play my part in developing resilient leadership, and foster a culture capable of withstanding business disruptions.

How do I facilitate effective change management in evolving industries?

I prepare leaders and teams for transitions and manage resistance to ensure a smooth adaptation to new processes and technologies.


Virtual Coaching and Technology

Recognizing the importance of virtual coaching, I incorporate technology and micro-learning sessions, and I am currently investigating gamification in my coaching methods. This approach allows me to reach clients anytime, anywhere, offering flexibility and convenience​​.

Personalised Interactions

As much as possible, I insist that the first meeting is in person and where you conduct your business. The human touch in coaching is paramount. Despite the virtual format, I ensure personalized interactions, using live video sessions to create a more engaging and practical coaching experience​​.

Measurable Results

I understand the growing demand for quantifiable results. My coaching style is result-oriented, focusing on tangible achievements and showcasing these successes to attract and assure clients of the value of my coaching​​

Automation and Delegation

I leverage automation and delegate administrative tasks to streamline my operations and devote more time to client interaction. This efficiency allows me to focus on delivering high-quality coaching​​, which is my specialty, though still being able to deliver expected outcomes through my network.

Relationship-Driven Approach

Building meaningful relationships with clients is at the heart of my coaching philosophy. I emphasize trust, bonding, and meaningful connections, ensuring a more effective and personalized coaching journey​​.

Digitisation of Coaching

Embracing the digitization trend, I utilize webinars, online training, and digital resources to enhance the coaching experience, making it more accessible and comprehensive​​.

Continious Learning and Adaptation

I am committed to continuous learning, staying updated on the latest technologies and adapting to the unique demands of each client. This commitment ensures that my coaching methods remain relevant and practical​​.

Metrics and Standard Practices

Recognizing the importance of metrics, I have integrated standard practices into my coaching sessions. This approach ensures clients can see measurable improvements and the direct impact of our work together​​.


At oXx-e-Gen Leadership Coaching, the culmination of our journey together is reflected in concrete, measurable outcomes. These outcomes range from enhanced leadership abilities and strategic business acumen to significant personal and professional development. Clients will experience a transformation that manifests in better decision-making, effective execution of strategic plans, and a marked improvement in individual skills like communication and time management. Furthermore, through our focus on accountability, action-taking, and leveraging technology, clients will see tangible results in their organizational growth, operational efficiency, and overall market competitiveness. These outcomes are not just objectives but are the benchmarks of success we strive to achieve with each client, ensuring that our coaching journey translates into real-world effectiveness and progress.

At The End of The Day

At oXx-e-Gen Leadership Coaching, my commitment extends beyond addressing current challenges; it’s about innovatively blending emerging trends with my seasoned business acumen to offer dynamic, personalized, and results-driven coaching. This approach ensures that individuals and organizations are prepared for today’s demands and strategically positioned for sustainable growth and success. By staying ahead of the curve and focusing on tailored strategies, accountability, and personal development, I aim to be an invaluable asset in my clients’ journey towards achieving their business and personal growth objectives.